Kenyon Fire Insurance Company was founded on July 3, 1875 by Norwegian farmers in the town of Kenyon in Goodhue County, Minnesota.  The purpose of the company was to provide insurance protection against fire and lightning for insured buildings, household personal property and other personal property for policyholders. At that time, the company served the towns of Kenyon, Ellington, Holden, and Richland.  The company served its policyholders in that capacity for 110 years.

In 1984, Kenyon Fire Insurance Company and neighboring Holden Warsaw Mutual Fire Insurance Company began discussions for the purpose of merging the two companies.  On April 1, 1986 that merger was approved by the membership of both companies and Kenyon Holden Warsaw Mutual was formed.

At the time of the merger, the company had a total insurance in force of $ 29,762,960 and a policyholder surplus of $ 142,366.  Since the merger, the company has grown its insurance in force to $ 331,634,576 and its policyholder surplus to $ 1,751,357.  The coverage territory has also been expanded to cover the counties of Goodhue, Rice, Steele, Dodge, Wabasha, Olmsted, and Dakota in Minnesota.

A strong, long-standing affiliation with Grinnell Mutual Reinsurance Company provides Kenyon Holden Warsaw Mutual with excellent wind and liability coverage packages to complement our fire insurance protection.  Grinnell Mutual Reinsurance Company provides strong reinsurance protection for our company, and has earned A.M. Best’s ‘A’ rating for financial security.

Kenyon, Holden Warsaw Mutual continues to strive to provide the best protection for its policyholders for a reasonable price.  Excellent financial management and sound underwriting practices are in place to ensure that Kenyon Holden Warsaw Mutual will provide service to its policyholders for many years to come!